NETS COURIERS National & European Transport at your Service

14th July 2020 0Uncategorised

We help manufacturing companies, to get their goods delivered without worry, by using our network of dedicated transport of all sizes through out the UK and Europe.

• What makes us different is our excellent customer service,

• Our managing director used to work for a manufacturing company, so we can see things from your side too

• Communication is key with us, so you know what is happening with your delivery from start to finish

• We have worked with some big manufacturers with our same day delivery service and for some of them we are now doing all their transport because of the difference in our service

We have a network of Vehicles of all sizes through out the UK and Europe so we can collect your goods from those area’s usually with in an hour of your order.
If you are in manufacturing and have a need for transport with a great customer service

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